Free Music for Game Developers & Filmmakers

Free Music for Game Devs & Filmmakers

I’d like to give back to the indie community, so I’ll post music here from time to time. It’s totally free even for commercial purposes, just add me (Harry Teel) somewhere in the credits of your project and let me know about it. If you give this page a like too it would help me a lot.

I’ve also created a mailing list where I update people when I put new music here. I call it “The New Free Music Newsletter.”
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The Music

Sounds of the Middle East

This is a collection of songs I created in the traditional style of Middle Eastern music. I tried to stay true to the authentic sound of the musical instruments and scales used.

Format: 44.1khz 16 Bit WAVs


Download .zip (122MB)

Automata Sci-Fi & Ambience

Automata is a collection of three Sci-fi songs and various ambient tracks. I wanted to keep everything sounding vast and distant, like you’re on a giant ship. I kept thinking about exploring a huge ancient abandoned asteroid mining vessel (creative right? lol). Every track has a seamless looping version in this pack as well. Watch out because it’s pretty big 771MB. If you need just the MP3 versions let me know and I’ll send it to you.

Format: 44.1khz 16 Bit WAVs/MP3s


Download .zip (771MB)

Tribal EP

Tribal is a collection of drum heavy music that’s been looped and reduced in various ways. The third song is just a simple peaceful flute however. The two drum heavy tracks have loops that can be used sequentially to increase or decrease the intensity level of the action depending on what you want.

Format: 44.1khz 16 Bit WAVs/MP3s


Download .zip (91MB)